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Make Life Beautiful: Travel Alone with the help of a solo travel guide

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If you love solo travelling but your parents, don’t allow you and you are a little scared about travelling alone so here’s the list with tips which help you to reflect your decision that you are well prepared for this solo adventure !!

The best way to explore life is to travel alone. Introduce yourself to a range of cultures and a myriad of humans. There is a real feeling of independence and invigoration that a solo trip invokes in you.
But They say travelling alone is one of the most fearsome, still overwhelming, things one can ever have in life, and true that!
So Learn how to safely travel alone with some essential travel tips and solo travel guides that you should know about. And if you are a woman traveller then you should follow some of these solo travel tips to hang around safely with safety measures for the solo trip! – let yourself feel butterflies in your stomach and get yourself prepared to go solo!

Choose your Destination wisely

The first point in our solo travel guide is a destination as we all know, the destination is very important. The enjoyment that you will get from exploring places alone is when only the destination is beautiful itself. It will surely be satisfying if you select a place that makes you feel at ease since touring solo is already an overwhelming experience. Is there any place in your mind that you always wanted to go to? Or a location that always attracts you? Do you like cities simmering with fun activities or nature full of picturesque places? Do you enjoy peace, quietness or are you a party animal? Raise these questions to yourself and plan accordingly for your destination.

If you are a little panicked about your trip alone, don’t worry, here we are with the best solutions of solo travel guide. You can start with familiar places. Go for Such a location that has decent tourist infrastructure and must be nearer to your hometown or where they speak in the same language as you.
Pro-tip for our wonder women: Our most important tip to the solo female travellers out there is to select those places which have a good status of being safe and female-friendly.

And if you want to go a little extreme on an adventure do just go to some places abroad. Either way, it should be a location that encourages you and keeps you motivated.

Be ready with the Homework

The best thing about Solo trips is that it leaves a lot of space for flexibility and sometimes you might not need to plan out every individual detail. But please, don’t suppose that you can fill up your backpacks and hit the highway just like that. For having an amazing trip you have to follow all the tips of a solo travel guide which says You have to deal with good homework for the destination – from its weather situations and sightseeing picks to its culture, eats, and everything in between. Don’t forget to check about the accommodation and transportation choices available. If you plan to go solo to any monument or popular attraction, just check its timings, rules, and further regulations, etc. It’s moreover a nice idea to look for one-day trips to the destination because it permits you to come across new people and travel to several areas in just one day.

We all know the power of the internet and When you wish to know more about a destination without even reaching there, then the internet can be your best friend. Just Search, and study. You can find multiple blogs and tour guides online on pretty much every destination. If anyone from your friends and family has been there, just talk to them.

Check out Out your Budget

Here we come to the most important part – money! According to the solo travel guide Two aspects that can restrict your trip: one is budget to a great extent and transportation and accommodation. By saying transportation, we mean the expense of moving throughout the destination – sightseeing, pickup and drop, etc. – should moreover be considered. Your guardian should provide you with a somewhat decent idea about these expenses.

Accommodation, still, is the most complicated aspect of all. In every city or small town, you will be exposed to luxury buildings as well as budget boarding places. Which one should you prefer? When you plan to come out and explore the area from morning to evening, all you require is a wonderful and safe place to capture a big night’s sleep. So, you can go to any hotel or boarding facility that is affordable, safe and delivers all luxuries needed for a relaxed stay. Always remember to check the reviews and the ratings with the images online before booking your hotel.

Moreover, try to make space differently for other expenses in your budgets, such as eats, beverages, entertainment, tickets and entry fees, gifts, and travel security, mainly if you plan to travel outside India.

It would be great if you Map out your travel budget, use a spreadsheet with several expense heads and then, distribute the budget for each aspect.

Book the Tickets in Advance

Now it’s time to make a big move after your travel plan and budget are finalized. In this place, you can save up some money. For example, India has a very good network of railway systems. Most of the places in India are connected via a network of railways, which is an inexpensive means of travel. However, if you obtain air tickets at extremely low prices, you can then assess flying to your destination. Similarly, also book your accommodation sufficiently in advance. Don’t skip looking for online discounts and sales for hotels; several online voyage companies operate incredible offers and discounts all through the year.

Ask Your Parents

If you are born in an Indian family then you must know how essential and difficult it is to convince your Indian parents about this solo trip. The particular term ‘solo’ is sufficient to set Off the shock alarms. Unless you are incredibly blessed, you will have to handle a volley of points, beginning from “Solo what!?” to “just go with your brother for your company” The number of questions and the level of uncertainty might be twice or thrice if the traveller is a woman. Solo trips are attaining speed in India, but it hasn’t come to be a norm still. So you must be motivated to talk with your parents and reply to every possible point coming from them, no matter how shocking they might sound to you.

The technique that helps with maximum Indian parents is a nice and satisfactorily laid-out travel plan and solo travel guide. Don’t think twice to demonstrate details that you think will make them feel convinced – the number of days, mode of transport, features of accommodation, your sightseeing strategies, etc. Assure them that you will be in touch and fulfil the promise. Keep that in mind, you should withstand confidence and excitement, and include your parents’ concerns instead of dismissing them entirely.

Packing Smartly

We have two categories of people around us – one who travels for weeks with just a bag stuffed with necessities and the second one is those who carry huge suitcases, a duffle, and bags even when they are just going for a sleepover at a friend’s house. Here is one most important tip for a solo trip according to a solo travel guide: pack light, still smart. Think of it, you sometimes have to lug around your gear when you go out exploring, so the useful suggestion is to keep all your essentials in a bag; you can similarly take a tote bag. This makes travelling on public transport and navigating through public a lot more manageable than you can imagine.

Now let’s move on to the packing part: bring only those articles you find necessary for you. For example, if you are staying in that hotel that provides all the toiletries and bathing towels, then just trim those articles off from your list. When it comes to clothing, the nice idea is to wear clothes in layering or interchangeable clothes; this not simply enriches your bling quotient but moreover permits you to mix and match your clothing. Bringing extra shoes except two pairs is a complete no-no

Must Remember these things During Your Solo Trip

If it’s your first solo travel trip, then don’t worry about the planning and safety. Because here we are with the answer of how to safely travel alone, there are a few aspects that you should take care of on your trip. Here’s a short guide from us:

Public transportation is best :
Public Transportation is truly a good thing when you want to save money while you’re travelling solo, use public transport as extensively as possible rather than hire taxis for moving from one place to another. As we all know, safely travel alone is our main concern and if it comes to safety then what else can be safer than public transport. It is not just safe but also pocket-friendly and gives you better opportunities to meet different people.

Early Start your day :
Solo travel guide stated that Early mornings are always beautiful to start something new. If you plan to go sightseeing, just begin your day early. In this way, you can resist crowds in famous exploring areas such as parks and museums. Later, during your daytime activities, reach around to your hotel and have a delicious meal to recharge your stamina.

Forever Keep in Touch with your family :
Always! Let your family members know where you are throughout the day and where you are going. Allow them to know that you are comfortable, safe and having a good time. It works, A LOT!!

Just Go Easy with the Alcohol:
There is nothing bad about going to the local lounge and bar for having a drink to lighten up your mood, but please remember to go a little easy on alcohol. Try to not get drunk when you are on your own.

Be friendly with everyone but Trust No One:
Of course, you are going on a trip all alone but it doesn’t imply that you do not make friends on your trip or stand alone all the time. There is no rule that you can not make Make friends and have fun. Be friends with people and share happy times with them; after all, that’s the charm of solo trips. Though, forever use promising judgement and believe no one completely. Be very cautious about what details you select to disclose with your recent form friends.

Safety is a priority :
How to safely travel alone? Currently, this affects a lot of aspects, from being familiar with your surroundings to walking away from circumstances that don’t seem right or safe. Furthermore, bring copies of all your valuable papers lest you fall prey to theft or pickpocketing and retain the company card of your hotel in your backpack or wallet. Remember you can say ‘no’ wherever you want; keep your cool, and walk around with dignity. Regardless of everything, make sure that you don’t bring a lot of attention to yourself.

And Finally, Never Ignore Your Gut Feelings
Have you ever stepped into a place and felt uneasy for no obvious reason? Ever greeted someone who seemed nice and sounded almost fine, but who put on very powerful unusual vibes? Ever stood in a condition that didn’t feel good? That, my buddy, is given a name called gut feeling. If something – an area, individual or circumstance – doesn’t feel decent, it isn’t possibly good. It’s as easy as that. And when you are on your own and exploring the world, there’s no true companion you can believe other than your gut feelings.

Best Destinations for Traveling alone in India

Travel is a kind of medicine for the stress, challenges and downsides. We all like the independence and freedom to simply be out there in the world and observe it as it is.

travelling alone can be difficult but it yet is the most liberating and can be a life-changing experience. India is a soil that greets people to explore every while of the wonderful miracles it has. You only have to go and feel it. believe us!

Manali: heaven on earth

If You take off to your comfort zone and are determined to travel alone then Manali is your destination. And Manali calms you like a mommy’s hug. It keeps you assured of the nice things on the planet.

The bright skies and healthy air feel good on your skin while you see the most gorgeous sunset of your life. Not to skip, the thrilling adventure sports this town proposes.

From skiing and paragliding to hiking and mountain biking, this city is a haven for adventure lovers. refresh your mind and come back completely as a different individual.

Srinagar – Leh: The amazing roads lead to the amazing feelings

If you are a person who loves roads then this place attracts you the most and will become your life. Moving from Srinagar, this journey directs you to some of the ultimate visitor destinations in India.

This journey captures the greatly spectacular geographies from the lush green valleys of Kashmir to the frosty desert of Ladakh. This trip is one of the best destinations for solo travellers in India.

All you require for this sensational road trip is a bag, a bike and a camera and you are set to explore the paths from Srinagar to Leh.

Tawang: Enlightenment with a scene

Visualize waking up in a famous cliff town nestled among the slopes of the Himalayan range. You come to look out of your window and watch the large span of white peaks with the sun shining on them.

You look up at the bright atmospheres and they appear to speak to you telling you to go crazy and capture the world.

Udaipur- The City of Lakes

Rajasthan – the home of Maharajas is a soil of incredible hospitality and prosperous cultural inheritance. Udaipur is an excellent place for folks who adore sunsets and changing atmospheres.

Several gorgeous visitor places in Udaipur propose beautiful views of India’s grand history like Havelis, forts, palaces, & temples. Solo Touring has a lot of aspects in Udaipur like capturing the gorgeous past, sitting by the side of the lakes, appreciating relaxed cold evenings.

Goa: Not just a party capital!

Don’t we all remember Goa for crazy rave parties, casinos and luxury clubs? Yet believe us when we tell you that Goa is broadly more than just a party capital. Honoured with some of the excellent beaches of the country, the destination is excellent for a solo traveller who adores enjoying in the sun, swimming with the fishes and drinking cool margaritas.

The hippie culture of the state enables solo travellers to create different friends and celebrate their holiday in an entirely new atmosphere.

Solo travel tips for the introvert travellers

If you are an introvert then you must know how hard it would become to mix with people around you.
There are strategies according to the solo travel tips for introverts that are useful for introvert travellers, which supports them to gel up so that solo trips can moreover be a social experience for us.

We introverts love having quiet time. Solo travel is perfect to evaluate and recharge. That moment is a real component of the solo travel experience. But introverts moreover require the company of others.

Solo travel may appear to be for those who are very cheerful extroverts who would generally be bound out into the community, but there are several, solo travel introverts as well. Even Travelling Alone as An Introvert Develops Social Skills inside you that helps you to socialize.

  1. Always Book your hotel according to how social you prefer to be. It would be suggested that you book a hotel where you may have better interaction with travellers as well.
  2. Try slow travel
    Try to stay for a week rather than a couple of days, slowly you will see yourself joining into its social events. As you’ve noticed, again and again, people will normally start chatting with you.
  3. Learn how to chat with strangers. This can be extremely hard for an introverted individual but it is completely possible. Try to initiate even with a beautiful smile.

Conclusion: we can sum up the whole article by Looking up areas that are nice for solo travellers. Make sure to look up activities and visitor attractions spoken of for a destination. Solo Travel requires spontaneity and it can bring your experience a nicer one.

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