Top 9 places of Ladakh in 2022 Complete guide

Top 9 places of Ladakh in 2022 Complete guide

Ladakh ? There is no place like this !! Ladakh is a dream destination for travel enthusiasts. It is that place in everyone’s bucket list which is waiting to be imprinted into the consciousness. The charm of this city, Leh, is on a different level. Being in Leh means you are in the middle of nowhere in a city that delivers you every basic comfort possible. With the chilled winds, intense rays, patches of green in a frost desert, peaks covered with snow, remarkable views of sunrise and sunset, you would find them all around.

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Top 9 places of Ladakh in 2022 with complete guide!! bells chiming In monasteries are giving such great positive vibes. Words and pictures are not sufficient to describe the beauty that the eyes can do. The picturesque heaven that Ladakh offers is not easy to explain in words. The spectacular road trips have been attracting visitors from all around the world. Charming nature aside, there are a lot of attractions to bring in, from beautiful monasteries to grand places to quaint villages and tall mountain paths.

Why Ladakh is so special? 

The amazing 9 places of Ladakh in 2022 you must explore with Complete guide is here! There are no words and pictures to illustrate the charm of this place that the eyes can do. The stunning road trips are fascinating to tourists from all around the world. The beauty of nature has its own place but, when you look at the monasteries, attractions, places and tall mountains, your mind and soul feel relaxed. So, here is the list of the 9 amazing places in Leh Ladakh. Check out the list of our picks and make your bucket list. With the answer to your many questions like the best time to visit leh Ladakh, Delhi to Leh Ladakh tour packages, Ladakh travel guidelines and many more. 

This place is so special because every type of audience from the age of 5 to age 85, literally everyone can enjoy this place. If you have a hunger for bike riding, then just come here. This place is made for you. Are you here in search of peace? If you are then you are at the best place because there are amazing Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh to visit. It is perfect for all. the memories you create here will remain with you for life long. Thus, plan your trip very well, and allot adequate Time for this, so that you can see the amazing tourist places in Ladakh.

  1. Pangong Tso Lake

If you are a fan of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots then you must remember the last scene of the movie, which was near the lake, that is  Pangong Tso lake.

Though sitting on the couch behind the TV, it looks so good, but the reality is very different, the place is hard and difficult to stay particularly in winters but still, it is one of the best Ladakh places to visit! 

Best camps to stay at Pangong lake ?

If you are searching for secured Pangong lake stays options, then there are few available near the lake. But you know this place is far from city life so the electricity, medical aid, hot running water, western toilets, etc facilities are counted as luxury. There is also a lack of oxygen which makes your survival tough if your physique is not appropriately acclimatised to this great altitude. Thus, one has to arrange his/her journey very carefully to avoid acute mountain sickness.

Pangong Leh camps 

While visiting Ladakh, it is essential and expecting that you undergo a camping experience. There are several manners for camping in Ladakh. You can make your camp by just arranging your tents wherever you ist. But if you feel like not doing such things then you can also join the camping of the tour organization. And if you are still not feeling comfortable with them then you can go for the permanent camps arranged in certain areas. While camping in the tent is such a heroic experience, it is totally dependent on you whether you want it or not because such camping includes moving out of fundamental comfort zones.

List of best 5 camps of Pangong lake 

1. Camp Whispering Camps

2. Camp Redstart

3. Pangong Retreat

4. Camp Martsemik La

5. Wonderland Camp

Water beauty of Pangong lake 

The water of this lake has extremely low micro-vegetation with some tiny crustaceans. it would be surprising for you but there is also no fish or other aquatic life on our (Indian) side of the lake. But there are ducks and gulls in the lake. A few species of scrub and regular herbs that usually grow in the wetlands around the lake enhance the beauty of the Pangong Tso lake.  


The location of This lake is around 170 km from Leh city of Ladakh district in Jammu & Kashmir. You can either plan a day trip. It will take 13 hrs of travelling, or if you want you can also plan a two day trip to Pangong Tso from Leh.


This lake is counted as one of the highest altitude lakes in India. In the Himalayas, it is at a huge altitude of 4350 Meters or 14270 Feet.

How to visit Pangong lake 

You can visit Pangong Tso lake after a drive of five hours from Leh. one approves from the Changla Pass and again through Taste. There are normal bus services operated by the state road transport corporation (J&KSRTC). There is also the option of taxis, if you want to hire one then just go for it. If you are doing self-drive then it is forever advised to bring your essentials.

Why is  Pangong lake so special?

It is unique and special. The position of this lake is at 4,350m in height and is the world’s biggest saltwater lake. Isn’t it interesting? Blue colour water of the lake seems beautifully standing in stark contrast to the desolate mountains encircling it. Expanding in the area of almost 160km, between two countries one-third part of it lies in India and the two-thirds in China.

Can we drink water from Pangong lake?

The answer is “NO”. Please Don’t taste or drink it.

Yes, The water is blue and clean. But not good for drinking. It is salty, so just don’t try to taste it.

Leh to Pangong Tso, is there a taxi service?

Yes, and even there are taxi unions who decide the rates yearly. Like in 2021, for two days, Leh to Pangong lake taxi price is Rs 10566  and for one day it is Rs 8653.

Is there a bus service from Leh to Pangong Tso for travel?

two buses are there in the service that travel from Leh to Pangong Tso every Saturday and Sunday in the week. The timing of the bus is 6.30 A.M. It leaves at this time for Pangong Tso to Leh every Saturday and Sunday from the bus. 

In top amazing list of 9 places of ladakh here the second most beautiful one

2. Hall of Fame – A Splendid Museum in Leh Dedicated to the Indian Soldiers

I hope you remember those days of history class when you were half drowsy and half-awake. It was taught how our warriors take on remarkably difficult circumstances only to save our country.

This museum was created In the Remembrance of the people who spent their life in bringing the honour of the nation, this museum has created Leh city of Jammu and Kashmir pays tribute to the fighters by creating the Hall of Fame in 1986. 

 the great officers of the Indian Army has build this hall of museum. It was their way to honour the fearless Indian soldiers who didn’t let the motherland down during the time of the war.

When you touch the land of leh-Kargil Road, that pride in your heart will automatically rise. It will be hard for you to take your eyes off the site as this place is known for day sightseeing. After walking a few short steps towards the entrance of the museum, you will find your hands on the statue of Lord Buddha.  the peace you feel here would be an amazing experience There is a beautiful line carved under the statue saying “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

The entrance of this beautiful museum will give you the feeling like you are entering a parallel universe. The shape of the front door is a circular shape with a hexagonal boundary. After looking at it, if you imagine as if you are in some starship movie, then trust me it is not your fault. even the background’s dusty mountains help you to get fully indulge in this imagination.The museum is perfectly distributed into distinct sections and the sections are divided into two storeys.

Peek inside the hall of fame museum

Are you ready to fill your brain with incredible evidence and facts? There are ammunition and weapons on exhibition in the very midst of the first floor. After that, you will be exposed to the showcase of culture, flora and fauna, history and facts about Ladakh in one of the sections of the ground floor. In the next section, there is a wall that talks all about the Namgyal Dynasty of Ladakh, which was begun by the Basgo King, Bhagan. He was recognized for overthrowing the Like of Leh and converging the gorgeous land of Ladakh.

 There is also Wall Dedicated to the Infamous Kargil War, Dedicated Gallery for Sino-Indian War, The Lest We Forget Wall and Souvenir Corner

What is the ticket price to the Hall of Fame and Know When to Go?

The ticket price is very less as compared to the amazing things which this place offers.  The Hall of Fame entertains its guests by charging just rs.50 as an entry fee. But if you want to capture the moment with your camera lens then you need to pay an additional Rs.100. And the amazing thing about this place is that it remains open throughout the year for visitors.

 Timings to visit Hall of Fame?

If you want to go in the Morning: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, it is the great timing and if you want to go in the Evening it is open for 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Nearest hotels where you can relax once after visiting the Hall of Fame

So if you want to stay here after the trip to the hall of fame, there are the best budget accommodations and hotels for pampering you with its luxury.  Hotels are at a distance of 5 km from the Hall of Fame in the city centre. They are specially set up to keep it easy for travellers.

How to reach the hall of fame without much hassle ?

After entering into  the city and if you already adore your dreamy land, then you can rent a car or book a cab to reach the Hall of Fame as it is situated just 5 km away from the centre.

3. Zanskar River

The snow-covered sheer landscapes of Zanskar valley with the bright clear blue sky. It is surely one of the best Ladakh places to visit, mainly considering how the gorgeous Zanskar river shows azure blue shades while travellers step on the frozen sides

Zanskar is in the northwest of India. This place of Ladakh is popular for its spectacular scenery and Tibetan-style Buddhist monasteries. 

The Zanskar River is the main and the first tributary of the Indus River, equal or enormous in proportion to the main river. It streams completely within Ladakh, India. It originates from the northeast of the Great Himalayas and draws at both the Himalayas and the Zanskar Range. It flows northeast to unite the Indus River near Nimo.

The northern areas of that valley are famous for summers. Many tourists come in this season for rafting trips, generally from Chilling to Nimmu. In winter when the path to Zanskar is shut by snow, a multi-day hike that is now proved as an exploration activity Called the Chadar (‘ice sheet’) Trek. This trek will ultimately be rendered abandoned once the parkway from Chilling to Padum is done.

How to visit Zanskar valley ?

The quickest path to come to Zanskar Valley from Delhi is to cross first to Srinagar and thus take Srinagar – Leh highway to arrive at Kargil. After reaching Kargil, you have to travel the remainder of 250 KM to Padum on Kargil – Padum road

Why is the Zanskar region so famous?

Zanskar is in the northwest of India. It is located in Northwest-west India. This place of Ladakh is popular for its spectacular scenery and Tibetan-style Buddhist monasteries. 

What is the name of the river that flows between Ladakh and Zanskar ranges?

The beautifully Indus River flows between Ladakh and Zanskar ranges

The Indus River rises from the Tibetan Plateau and moves throughout the landscape of Ladakh to join the Zanskar River, which produces from the Zanskar Range. It furthermore flows into Pakistan.

Is Zanskar worth travelling to?

The Zanskar valley is surely one of the hidden gem places in the country, this is unbelievably beautiful. Zanskar is worth visiting not just because there is a natural beauty but also because it offers several adventure games famous among tourists.

When will the Zanskar valley open?

The path for Zanskar Valley stays open for around 6 months a year, from May to October. Actions are being taken to retain the gorge available for the whole year but as it is seen, it will not happen anytime soon. But as of now, you have to plan your trip within these 6 months only.

4. Magnetic Hill

When you are travelling in Leh-Ladakh,  you will come across many mesmerising sights which will make you curious to no end. In the list of such places, there is one such sight of attraction known as Magnetic Hill. It is quite an amazing place because gravity holds a backseat. 

 It is marked on the Magnetic Hill by a bright yellow signboard that states “The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity”. There is also a white box marked on the road which tells you to park your vehicles here and this road is also known as the Magnetic Road. When placed at the indicated place, vehicles start moving ford with a speed of nearly 20 km/h.

Distance from leh to Magnetic Hill ?

It is around at a distance of  30 km from Leh. Leh-Kargil-Srinagar National Highway in the Trans-Himalayan area. Sindu river flows On the east side of the Magnetic Hill, creating the surroundings a photographer’s amusement.

How to Reach there?

  • By Air

For reaching there The closest airport is Leh

  • By Train

Jammu Tawi is the nearest railway station 

  • By Road

It is placed on the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh NH 1D

Is magnetic hill magnetic?

The magnetic hill does not have a magnetic force but it is a visual illusion of portions so that the road, which goes downhill, appears as if it runs uphill. Thus, when you notice the vehicle getting on upslope, it is opposed and does not disobey the laws of nature.

5. Shanti Stupa, Ladakh

It is a Buddhist white done Shanti Stupa. This Shanti stupa is on a mountain peak in Chanspa, Lehstrict, Ladakh. In 1991 it was built by Japanese Buddhist Bhikshu, Gyomyo Nakamura 1991. The Shanti Stupa holds the monuments of the Buddha at its ground. The stupa is very famous among the tourists not just because of its religious value but also due to its site which offers spectacular pictures of the surrounding landscape.

Since this stupa has been made it has become a very famous attraction for visitors but when you look at The architectural structure you will find it very different from the usual  Ladakhi style. The beauty of sunrise and sunset becomes double from the Shanti Stupa. The stupa is brightened with lamps and lights at night. 

Timings to visit Shanti stupa ?

The timing for visiting stupa is between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. so you visit anytime in between.

Where is the Shanti Shanti stupa situated and how to teach there?

Shanti stupa is located at an altitude of 3,609 metres. It is around 5 km away from Leh. You can reach The stupa by driving the road or by walking with the help of a series of 500 straight steps to the hilltop.

An identical imitation of Shanti Stupa is similarly created in Delhi near Kale khan.

In top 9 places of Ladakh in 2022 Complete guide, the 6th is Nubra valley

6. Nubra Valley

Nubra valley is one of the amazing breathtaking places in Ladakh

People travelled to Ladakh many times but Nubra valley is something different among the all attractive locations that are present there. You can’t get enough of this location even after looking at it for hours. from the velly you can see snow-crowned peaks, to dunes. Nubra valley has everything that makes the place picturesque. The beautiful mountain range with River flowing along the whole way is an awesome sight to behold!

The number is also known as Dumra as it is a historical region of Ladakh, 

Two big rivers meet in Nubra, one is The Shyok River and the other is the  Nubra River. They both form the Nubra valley that distinguishes the Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges.

Where is Nubra valley in Leh?

Khardung La pass is the main road that accesses Nubra. It is usually open throughout the year. 5,359 m is the elevation of Khardung La. Its significance as the greatest motorable road in the world is no longer approved by maximum administrations so in 2008 An alternative route has opened, passes over the Wari La from Sakti, to the east of Khardung La, attaching to the main Nubra highway via Agham and Khalsar with the Shyok River. There are moreover trekkable supports over the Ladakh Range from the Indus Valley at various points. 

Flora and fauna of Nubra valley 

The valley is also well-known for its jungles, birds and animals.  One of the most important shrubs,  Hippophae, is also known as Leh Berry. There are several water birds like ruddy shelduck, garganey, northern pintail, and smaller. You easily find them on various small water bodies circulated along the route. Likewise, waders like black-tailed godwit, common sandpiper, common greenshank, common redshank, green sandpiper, and ruff. you can spot it in Nubra.

Nubra Valley or Leh, which is colder?

Leh is at a little bit higher altitude than Nubra Valley so it is not a bad cold. 

What is the altitude of Nubra Valley?

about 10,000 feet

Nubra is situated at an average height of about 10,000 feet above sea level. The atmosphere of the areas is soft, the soil is very fertile and the greenery of the region is comparatively larger than those of the other locales of Ladakh. Shrubs, forests and trees rise in abundance wherever there is any source of water.

Best 3 Hotels and resorts near Nubra valley ? 

1. Hotel Namgyal Villa Sumoor Nubra Valley

2. Nubra Ecolodge

3. Hotel Sand Dune

It’s gonna be a remarkably-changing” trip. It will make you learn how to live and cherish your soul.

How to reach Nubra valley ?

1. By Air.

 For being here by air, the nearest airport is Leh. You can hire a taxi or board a bus from here to reach Nubra Valley.

2. By Train. 

If you are planning to reach Nubra valley then Jammu is the nearest railway station. 

3. By Road. 

Nubra valley by bus or jeep is 150km from Leh.


It’s A quaint town between leg and Kargil. This place is recognized for its moon-like landscape, because of this, it gets the nickname ‘Moonland’. The name itself is enough to justify the beauty of this place.

 A lama named  ‘Naropa’ stepped into this land when it was immersed underwater. Upon his suggestion, the water faded thus letting him stabilize the monastery which is presently known as Lamayuru Monastery. One of the extensively wonderful monasteries in Ladakh, its insides are decorated with jaw-dropping masterpieces and frescoes. A cave following the prayer auditorium has statues of Naropa and his followers.

Sat on a cliff, the monastery also offers remarkable views of the moonscapes around it. And almost like the moon, the monastery is ‘out of this globe’.

How to reach Lamayuru monastary?

This place is 116 km away from Leh by road.

Why is Lamayuru known as Moonland? 

It’s a story of history. In the 11th century, there was a scholar called Mahasiddha Acharya Naropa who laid the foundation rock of this monastery. It is assumed that his devotions resulted in drying out a lake that nourished a whole town; and because the water faded, the area began to obtain moonlike spaces.

Where to stay in Lamayuru monastery? 

There are several stay-picks in Lamayuru like Hotel Moonland, Siachen Guesthouse, Dragon Hotel, etc. And if you want, you can stay in the Lamayuru accommodation. So, head out and take pleasure in a bike ride in this lovely and glorious landscape spot.

Top amazing Buddhist Monasteries to visit in Ladakh

  • Hemis Monastery
  • Alchi Monastery
  • Phuktal Monastery
  • Thiksey Monastery
  • Karsha Monastery
  • Diskit Monastery
  • Likir Monastery
  • Namgyal Tsemo Gompa
  • Basgo Monastery and many more.

8. Pathar Sahib gurudwara

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara was built in the year 1517. It was created in remembrance of Guru Nanak dev Ji. at the height of 12000 ft from sea level, it is placed at Leh Kargil road about 25 miles away from Leh. 

During the lifetime of Guru Nanak dev Ji, he travelled to several distant areas and one such area was Tibet. Tibetan Buddhists consider him a saint

How to Visit Pathar sahib gurudwara ?

To explore the gurdwara, one can take a direct flight to Leh and continue in a hotel at Leh. To reach Leh by road there are two paths, you can go via SRINAGAR or MANALI. Both the paths remain closed from November to May due to heavy snowfall and last free from June to Oct. As Leh is fixed at a great altitude, one can have breathing difficulties due to the insufficient amount of oxygen. Tourists are warned to consult their physicians and put on decent woollen clothing before beginning on this trip as the temperature drops beyond -20 degrees. The 25-km road from Leh to the Gurdwara Pathar Sahib is in nice condition. Tourists can reach by bus or taxi. The Gurdwara Sahib is placed next to the main road near Magnetic Hill India.

9. Diskit Monastery

Diskit is the biggest and the oldest lasting monastery in Nubra Valley. It is settled long up in the Himalayas at a height of 10,000+ ft and passes over the flood plains of the Shyok river. It was created by Changzem Tserab Zangpo in the 14th century and is very popular for its 100 ft tall sculpture of Maitreya Buddha. Portraits of intense divinities of Buddhism and a remarkable fresco imitating Tibet’s Tashilhunpo Monastery woo the believers of Buddhism and community from all around the country. 

ADDRESS:Nubra Valley, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir 194001


10. One-stop at Hunder Sand Dunes Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Ladakh’s Nubra Valley has various wonders for tourists. One of them is the Hunder Sand Dunes.

You may have heard about Diskit village, so this place is located about 10 kilometres from Diskit village.

Whenever we hear the word desert Usually, brown sand & one-humped camels visit our mind, but a unique picture awaits you in Hunder.

What makes Hunder Sand Dunes so famous?

In the list of the popular tourist places you should not leave Nubra Valley, because of its white rolling sands, with a river flowing nearby, trees & snow-capped mountains in the distance.

It is amazing, when one assumes it, that a desert could occur at such a high altitude! Equally stunning is the view of the dual humped Bactrian camels, whose two humps enable them to formulate resistance to cold, drought & high altitudes.

Getting a ride on these dual humped camels which gently create their path among the white dunes, with poplar plants bounding the landscape & the pleasing whisper of the River Shyok streaming nearby, brings about a remarkable experience.

As the evening approaches the barren peaks are coated with the crimson colours of the sun rays, you will admire the beauty of the place by saying how such a place could survive in this wild world of ours.

There are many adventures that you can try there like

Biking, Camel Safari in Nubra Valley, Quad Biking in Nubra Sand Dunes,  and many more.

9 places of Ladakh in 2022 to visit with a Complete guide is provided here and now the important aspect of travel is how and where right ? Don’t worry we got you covered in this also !!

How to reach Ladakh from Delhi?

There are several options for reaching Ladakh. You can choose any of them based on the time and budget you have and your preference. 

To make it simple for you, here is a complete guide on how to reach Leh Ladakh from Delhi in the best way possible.

Delhi to Ladakh by Flight

If you are going from Delhi airport Then Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is best for you. It is perfectly connected to many major airports in the country. The city centre is just 9 kilometres away from the airport. You can easily find a taxi from outside of the airport. There are also bus services available to and from the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport too.

Time required to go ladakh from delhi ?

It takes you an hour from the Flight. To reach Leh Ladakh from Delhi.  Costs of tickets are mostly around Rs. 2,500. But, when the season is at its peak the prices usually go up to Rs. 5,000 for a one-way trip.

The airport of Leh is small so the passenger facilities are not up to the mark. And there are also strict checks that can happen to you because it’s a politically sensitive region so be prepared. 

Delhi to Ladakh by Train

You may find this route a bit complicated because there is no train station in Ladakh. If you are planning to go to Ladakh first you need to reach Jammu station. Don’t worry about train services from Delhi to Jammu as there are many trains for that. If you want to reach asap so just go for Jammu Rajdhani as it is the fastest train which takes only nine hours.

There are many sources of transportation from Jammu to Ladakh. One of them is a taxi. You can book one from the Jammu railway station or you can also go online to pre-book a cab. They will cost you anything between Rs. 19,000 to Rs. 25,000. 

There is also an option of taking a flight from Jammu to Leh. Air India operates on this route. 

Delhi to Ladakh by Bus

If you love to travel by bus then you would be happy to know that from Delhi to Ladakh bus service has been started since last year and you know it is one of the biggest routes in India. It is a journey of around 24 hours and there is a change in between at Keylong. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your bus from Delhi’s ISBT.

The fare of your bus would be around Rs. 1,300. And you can also pre-book tickets from the Delhi ISBT booking counters. Your journey would be full of scenic views, you will love the bus drive from Delhi to Ladakh.

Be aware of the fact that The bus service is only operational in the summer and not in the winter because the road of the Leh is favourable for driving in winters.

How To Get To Leh-Ladakh By Road ?

If you are going to Leh Ladakh by road, then May and mid-October is the best time to travel. At this time of the year most of the roads you will find open and in prime condition.

If you are going from Delhi then the best route would be either the Manali route or the Srinagar highway. There is an option in which You can drive down to Manali and then take a flight, the same goes for Srinagar. On the route to Ladakh, you can create a few stops at famous visitor destinations. You can drive to Sarchu, Shargol, Drass or Kargil.

A long Car drive 

If you want to drive down from Delhi to Ladakh, you have to plan it systematically 

The drive from Delhi to Leh can be taxing, so experiment only if you love adventure and can drive for long hours through harsh landscapes.

If you like to lease an SUV, then it would be good for you because for the road trip to Ladakh it is the best vehicle. You can hire one in Delhi also.

Hired Car/Taxi Online

From Delhi, there are many options for taxis that you can hire online.  The total distance of the journey from Delhi is 2049 kilometres. The benefit of leasing a car is that you can tour at your comfort and make multiple stopovers along the route.

Cost: taxi would cost you around a trip  Rs. 20,000, from Delhi to leg. But the prices also depend on the car you select. The cost of renting a personal cab online does not involve a toll fee.

Hired Car/Taxi From Srinagar

If you forget to book a cab online, you can rent out one from Srinagar. You can get the Taxi from Srinagar railway station for a standard fare of Rs.15,000. The government of that place fix the prices.

You can still take a taxi from Manali to Ladakh. either shared or private. sharing would cost you around Rs.3,000 for a seat a private taxi costs youRs.21,000.

how to travel by Bike to Ladakh? Bike-riding to ladakh?

Biking would be an amazing experience from  Delhi to Ladakh. You can even do that in biker groups so that it would not be uncomfortable for you 

There are two main routes for a bike trip, you can reach Ladakh via Manali or Srinagar. 

Manali-Leh Ladakh route


You can go from Manali to Gramphu then Khokhsar from there go for Sissu to Keylong and then to Jispa then you can go to the place called ZingZing Bar, here to Sarchu, search to Pang then Tanglang La to Miru then Upshi to finally Karu and last to Leh

Srinagar-Leh Route.


From Srinagar to Sonamarg and then Zoji La, here to Drass then Kargil to Mulbekh from there to Lamayuru then Saspol and from there finally to leh.

Delhi to Leh Ladakh tour packages

  • 6 nights 7 days 

If you are planning for 6 nights and 7 days then it would cost you around 46000 rupees for 2 adults including 

  • 2 flight 
  • 3 hotels 
  • 4 transfers
  • 14 sightseeing
  • 1 activity
  • 4 nights 5 days 

If you want to spend 4 nights and 5 days then it would cost you around 27000 rupees for two adults including

  • 2 flights
  • 1 hotel
  • 2 transfers 
  • 12 sightseeing 
  • 1 activity

So what are you waiting for, book your package now for your dream destination?

what is Best Time to Visit Ladakh ?

Usually, summer is the best time to visit here when Ladakh tourism is in full flow.

Because from January to March, this place is fully frozen and has a remarkably cold environment. So there are not even options present for staying around except for a few basic homestays in Spangmik and Man.

In April, the Leh starts melting down and turns into a gorgeous palette that has many shades of blue.

 May to September is the peak tourist season. . If you are going In the summer then you will witness a huge number of people around.

Every traveller desires to go leh- once in his lifetime. It’s a beautiful Buddhist kingdom with an area of remarkable landscapes that is quite difficult to find anywhere else In India. 

People usually visit here to do some adventure, to explore the Tibetan culture, to inhale the fresh and unpolluted air, and to experience the heavenly joy that can be seen everywhere in Ladakh.

We hope our list of 7 amazing tourist places in Leh Ladakh would help you to make your dream clear for visiting heaven of earth. 

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