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That place on everyone’s bucket list is waiting to be imprinted into the consciousness. The charm of this city, Leh, is on a different level. There is no place like this. Being in Leh means you are in the middle of nowhere in a city that delivers you every basic comfort possible. With the chilled winds, intense rays, patches of green in a frost desert, peaks covered with snow, and remarkable views of sunrise and sunset, you would find them all around.

The spectacular road trips have been attracting visitors from all around the world. Charming nature aside, there are a lot of attractions to bring in, from beautiful monasteries to grand places to quaint villages and tall mountain paths. So, here is the list of the 7 amazing places in Leh Ladakh. If you Want to know which of these Ladakh places to visit, should it be on your bucket list? Check out our cherry-picked list of 7 must explore places in Leh Ladakh. With the answer to your many questions like the best time to visit leg Ladakh, Delhi to Leh Ladakh tour packages, Ladakh travel guidelines, and many more.


Why this place is special?

This place is so special because it plays to every type of audience from the hunger of motorcycle lovers to those who are here in the search of peace and spirituality, there are amazing Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh to visit. It is perfect for all.

The memories you create here will remain with you for life long. Therefore, this trip must be planned very well, and allot adequate Time for this, so that you can see the amazing tourist places in Leh Ladakh.

Surrounded by scenic beauty, The bells chiming in monasteries are giving such great positive vibes.

Words and pictures are not sufficient to describe the beauty that the eyes can do.

The picturesque heaven that Ladakh offers is not easy to explain in words.

A Splendid Museum in Leh Dedicated to the Indian Soldiers

I hope you remember those days in history class when you were half drowsy and half-awake. It was taught how our warriors take on remarkably difficult circumstances only to save our country.

This museum was created In the Remembrance of the people who spent their life in bringing the honor to the nation, this museum has created in Leh city of Jammu, and Kashmir pays tribute to the fighters by creating the Hall of Fame in 1986. 

The great officers of the Indian Army have built this hall of the museum. It was their way to honor the fearless Indian soldiers who didn’t let the motherland down during the time of the war.

The entrance of this beautiful museum will give you the feeling that you are entering a parallel universe.

After looking at it, if you imagine you are in some starship movie, then trust me it is not your fault. even the background’s dusty mountains help you to get fully indulge in this imagination.

Flora and fauna of Nubra valley?

nubra sand dunes

Well-known for its jungles, birds, and animals. One of the most important shrubs, Hippophae, is also known as Leh Berry. There are several water birds like ruddy shelduck, garganey, northern pintail, and smaller.

Is Zanskar worth traveling to?

zanskar river

Surely!! one of the most loved gems in the country, this is unbelievably beautiful. Zanskar is worth visiting not just because there is a natural beauty but also because it offers several adventure games as well.

Why is  Pangong lake so special?

pangong lake

It’s the world’s biggest saltwater lake positioned at 4,350m in height. Isn’t it interesting? The water of the lake seems to be colored in blue, beautifully standing in stark contrast to the desolate mountains encircling it.